How to download and configure BSNL Mobile TV (3G) for Nokia

 The following settings are required to download the Mobile TV Application:

1. Messages -> settings -> Service Message -> Service messages : ON & Download : Automatically

2. From the main Menu, go to Tools folder and select Settings > Connection > Access points

From Access Points menu, select Options > New Access point > Use default settings.

Next, for each of the fields enter accordingly

         Connection name – BSNL-WAP
         Data bearer - Packet data
         Access point name -
         User name – ppp
         Password – ppp123
         Prompt Password – No
         Authentication – Normal

click on Options > Advanced Settings

         Proxy server address -
         Port number – 9401

Note: The default GPRS settings on your mobile will not work for downloading the application. You need the settings on point 2 to download MobiTV Application.

3. Send SMS “MY3GTV” to 55447

Use the below link to download MobiTV Application (3G)

Installing & Configuring MobiTV on Nokia

   1. Once download is complete install the MobiTV Application.

   2. Mobile TV Streaming : Add the following GPRS settings to your mobile....

It enables data streaming of various content i.e : Videos Clips and Live Tv Channels, provided by third party content provider through there own application. Charge on data streaming will be implied.

Setting Name : bsnlmobiltv
Access Point Name : bsnlmobiltv
Homepage : None
Authentication : Normal
User Name : Leave it blank     
Password : Leave it blank        

Setting Name : bsnlstream
Access Point Name : bsnlstream
Homepage : None
Authentication : Normal
User Name : Leave it blank  
Password : Leave it blank  

In Nokia handset the APN settings also needs to be done in Real Player for TV.

(Open Real Player: Options-> Settings-> Connection-> Network->default)
APN (Should be "bsnlstream")
Minimum Port: 5001, Max Port: 32768

Note: If you do not add bsnlmobiltv and bsnlstream settings video will be very slow.